Exhibition : Eco Design Exhibition 2010

Production method: the wood must be from ecological forest management. Preferably the wood must be sawn and worked out in a wood joinery with machinery driven by ”green” alimentation.

It can also be made in local small workshops using traditional woodworking tools. With the exception of the material for the light source, this object is manufactured and constructed without any metal or plastic parts, only wood. Because the buyer is a co-designer there’s no production needed to construct this lamp.

80 wooden parts are to be fi xed together in a form you like.
The box inspired by a wine case as package material is used for the foot of the lamp. That means that the package becomes functional in the creation of this lamp. Into this box are the electronic parts, in future other parts for electrical alimentation than the existing light elements can be stored there.

Argumentation: as to minimize production and transportation costs this lamp is made compact, ecologic and economic. This lamp, inspired on both a winecase and a puzzle, is made of 80 wooden parts that can be fixed together to become an architectural object, like a castle (château). This object asks for a co-creator with a constructive fantasy. This lamp has many possibilities in forms, as it can be high and slender as well as compact and complex. Depending on the construction you make it can be a table or fl oorlamp. Existing lamps with a GU10 socket can be used, but a LED spot is preferred. Eco in this case also means Ecologic Comic Object. Maybe it has not to illuminate, it’s a play of light and shadow. And after use it can be a childrens toy, a storage box or it can be easy recycled.

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